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What is Crypto-Mining?
This is the process where a transaction is added to a public ledger. In order to add a transaction to the ledger, we solve increasingly-complex computational problems. 

Mining is open source, so anyone can confirm this transaction. The first “miner” to solve the puzzle adds a “block” of transactions to the ledger. This ledger is available to the public to ensure no individual modifies a block. 

How is the money made?

Miners operate our machines with the goal of adding a block the public ledger.
Adding A Block
When the ledger adds a block all transactions in that currency are made permanent.
Coins Created
If your machines are responsible for the block a transaction fee is added to your wallet along with new coin(s).
Coins Traded
Since the coins themselves carry value you can convert the newly generated coins like traditional currency.

We are a blockchain technology company dedicated to mining

Refinery Blockchain Technology

With a powerful R&D Live Lab we test our network theories and collect sufficient data for the development of end-user solutions.  Once a theory is validated we begin work on standardizing a process using industry-best practices while preparing the necessary compliance elements.
We can help you configure a system from the chip-out.  Send us specifications and we can start.
If we find a high demand for a solution we aim to develop a process around it to make available for our clients.
The difficulty in planning a mine surges when further elements of the project are out of client control. 
Machine Analytics

We can tell you everything you need to know about your mine. Tracking performance is part of squeezing the most from your mine.

Mining Innovation

We are designing mining equipment that fills up your wallet faster. Space-age cooling techniques are being developed to match high end ASIC's.

Mine Security

Keeping your mine safe is our top priority. Count on our mine security audit to point out areas of weakness and beef up your protection.

Network Design

Your network carries transaction confirmations. Optimizing networks that suit the needs specific to mining is our expertise.

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